Well I'll be deserting Peugeot for a while, until I can afford a 406 HDI estate, I've just got to have a TDI engine (diesel is so expensive here; I need that extra 20% mpg).

I've been saving up for one of these:-

 and I'll get it hopefully beginning of April. It's a 1996 model with 1.9 TDI engine. Imagine the car above in dark blue and without the alloy wheels or roof rails. Update: pictures of mine are below.

Want to know more about VW TDI's? - then visit Fred's TDI page.

VW Vortex is good too.

Passat Owner's Group

April 99

Now taken delivery. Pretty pleased with the car, and got it for a good price. 7500. It's a 1996 CL TDI estate on an N plate. CL means that it has air conditioning and lots of electric toys, but only cloth seats. Car has just done 45,000 miles and has full VW service history.

1st mod- fitted a high level 3rd LED brake light.

Picture coming soon.

My car has the 90bhp (66kW) TDI electronically controlled direct injection engine. They were also available in Germany with the 110bhp (81kW) TDI engine, this uses a variable geometry turbo charger and no doubt some other tweaks to extract the extra power. 90bhp may not seem like a lot, but it is accompanied by 202Nm (150lb ft) of torque at just 1900rpm. The bottom line is that performance is probably similar to the 2.0 litre petrol model, but the fuel economy is simply in a different planet. 110bhp model must be nearer to VR6 performance with 235Nm (174lb ft) of torque again at just 1900rpm.

96 Passat crash test results (not good L ) 

However, according to data that used to be on http://www.insure.com  death rates amongst Passat drivers seem to be low J Sorry but I can't find a link to the data now though.

Strange, the NHTSA crash test scores much better, what's going on? You can compare with other cars here.

Update: I send an e-mail to the NHTSA, here's what I said, and their reply:-

Q: Had a look at your crash test results for the 1996 VW Passat at http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/ncap/cars/400.html and also at http://www.hwysafety.org/crash/4dr/passat.htm. How could the results be so different? (4 out 5 vs poor).

A: Though I can not speak for the entire agency, I can tell you the difference between the two test. The IIHS test is carried out in an offset position and is used to test the structure of the vehicle. The NHTSA test is carried out in the frontal and side positions of the vehicle and is used to test the safety system of the vehicle. I suggest you visit both web sites to learn more about the test themselves and what they mean.The IIHS web site can be found with a link provided from our web site or by the web site given below.The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives a good explanation (http://www.hwysafety.org/vehicle_ratings/ce/offset.htm) about how the barrier and full frontal tests compliment each other. I direct you to their discussion. Personally, I look for a vehicle that does well in both tests.

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Orlando Sentinel review of 97 Passat TDI

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Review of Passat TDI from Diesel Car Magazine (an excellent UK magazine)

1996 Passat Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for the moment at least, VW of America TSB's are available online at tech.vw.com.

Wetterauer chips to boost B4 TDi Passat power from 90bhp to 115bhp: US and European links. For anyone lucky enough to have the 110bhp motor, Wetterauer increases power from 110bhp to 140bhp. Chips for other Passats (incl. petrol) here.

6 speed gearbox for VWs (should fit Passat TDI)

Troy's car corner review of 96 TDI

Why early B4 headlamp switches melt

B4 Passat (VR6) parts for sale (US New Jersey site)

Edmund's review of 96 Passat

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Changing Passat TDI timing belt (author unknown) and Some pages telling you how to change a TDI timing belt, provided by Adam.

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Yet another

VL Enterprise's 6 speed transmission including story on the dreaded self destruct diff. rivet's story

Here's the history of the early Dasher / Quantum / Passat, told by VWLarry, who can be found regularly posting to VWVortex forums:

"It's very simple. Audi 80 (original version circa '73-78) begat VW Passat. VWoA sniffs around Audi 80 and VW Passat; decides to import them to USofA. VWoA decides (as they always do) that it is much more important to change the name of everything that comes onto US-shores, than to do silly stuff like increase horsepower, etc. Thusly, Audi 80 becomes Audi Fox. Volkswagen Passat becomes Volkswagen Dasher. Volkswagen Dasher lives (and sometimes almost prospers) in the US from 1974 to 1981. Audi Fox lives from 1973 to 1979. As Passat, version II arrives in Europe in 1981, VWoA does what it does best: think up ungainly names for US-imported model. VWoA is tired of "Dasher", and must come up with memorable name for new model. Thus, Passat II is rechristened "Quantum" for Amurrrrricans. Amurrrrrricans take a look, YAWN, and move on. Quantum limps along for several forgettable years in USofA; to be replaced by Passat III in 1990. VWoA apparently had a headache the day they were to dream up a new name for this model, and somehow it remained "Passat". Amazing, eh? As for the Audi saga, suffice it to say that the Fox was "bagged", and along came the "4000". Audi's name change-mania was not quite as neurotic as VWoA's, so by the time the next model of small-er Audi models."

Passat Kartei - A German (and a bit of English) web site for B1 / B2 (Dasher / Quantum / upto 1988 Passat) including details of some interesting Passats available in Brasil, China, Japan, Mexico. If you thought that the Quantum died in 1988, then go to this site and see Wissen > Infos > Ausland

The VW K70, maybe a car which influenced the Passat / Dasher / Audi 80 / Audi Fox design.

Jon's 1996 Passat TDI

May 1999

Got the film back, now I have some pictures of my own car:-


They're already out of date though, as I have installed a pair of orange corner lights, as the US / Canadian cars have.

A Brazilian Passat home page (in English too)

A Brazilian site about an '81 Passat TS, complete with history (in Portugese, I guess it is)

Passat Owner's Place

June 1999

I saw another Passat TDI estate last weekend in front of my VW dealer for sale. I always thought that mine was a good deal, but they wanted 9,999 for it! On furthur investigation it was a 1995 CL TDI Estate (the same trim as mine), which means a bit older than mine (maybe only a few months), but importantly that means no air-conditioning. It did have a nice set of alloy wheels and a sun-roof which mine doesn't, and a slightly lower mileage of 39,000 miles. Most interesting is that a week later, the car is gone! I had told them to call me if such a car came in, and they didn't, so they must have sold it easily. I'm pretty chuffed with paying 7,500 for mine now.

How did I get such a deal, you may ask. I bought the car from the company that I work for. A colleague had been using it for the last three years (a common perk of the job here in the UK) and decided to get a new company car (a Volvo V40) to replace the Passat. As the user for the last three years he had first refusal on it. For some crazy reason he decided he didn't want it (he could have bought and sold it on the next day for a healthy profit), and so delegated first refusal to me. The company sold it to me basically for what they considered it would get at auction.

July 1999

Re-type of article about Neuspeed B4 Passat TDI and Neuspeed web site

As the Audi 80 and the Passat have always been closely related, here's a history of the Audi 80 from AvengerB's Audi 80 pages

Arizona Central Passat TDI review

Mark Fraser's B3 synchro G60 page

UK brochure for 1996 Passat

Car and Driver review of 96 Passat TDI

German page about a B1 Passat (Dasher) that is painted like cow

August 1999

Acrobat doc (about 1 meg) explains how TDI engine works, an excellent read

Review of 94 Passat 1.8 petrol

A Passat B4 GLX for sale

September 1999

Ward's Automative review of Passat TDI

Claus Friedriszik's Audi A6 TDI

Pictures of John Bartlett's Passat TDI

Nice picture of a German TDI I found somewhere (think it was for sale) I like those wheels

Steven Morris' VR6 Passat

August 2006

I haven't updated this page in seven years, but we still have the Passat, although now it's now mostly run by my wife as a second car.  I was actually quite happy with it but she decided she wanted it, so I bought a Peugeot 806 ( a minivan ) as we have three kids now.  The Passat now is ten years old and has 145,000 miles on it, but it still drives like new.  It's got Corrado G60 front brakes (280mm vented discs and Golf GTI calipers) and some 15 inch TSW wheels to go over them, a chip, and a bigger exhaust (off the 16 valve petrol I thing), GL veloor seats and roof rails.  In all that time the only thing that has really gone wrong with it has been the air conditioning.  A few year back the condensor started to leak, and two years later it ran out of refrigerant again, and I haven't bothered to fix it.  I suspect that we will run this car until it's scrap.  Currently it looks good for another ten years.


A little updated history of the VW Passat of my own:-

1974 to 1981 Passat mk1, or B1; also known as Dasher in the US & Canada. Much in common with the Audi 80 (Europe) or Audi Fox (US & Canada).



1981 to 1988 Passat B2, also known as Quantum in the US & Canada. Available under the name of Passat as a saloon (sedan), hatchback, or estate (wagon). A (presumably) more upmarket car was marketed as the Santana between 1982 and 1985. An almost re-badged Audi 4000 Quattro was marketed as the Quantum Synchro; however the rear suspension of the Quantum Synchro was different to that of the 4000 to give more load space. The Quantum Synchro appears to have been marketed only as an estate (wagon). Passat's were available with 1588cc, 1595cc, 1781cc, 1921cc, & 1994cc petrol engines, and a 1588cc turbo diesel engine. Santanas were available with 1595cc, 1781cc, 1921cc, & 1994cc petrol engines.


Credit to Passat Kartei for pictures of B1 and B2


1988 to 1993 Passat B3, marketed as the Passat world-wide for the first time, and no longer a re-badged Audi 80. Available with 1781cc, 1984cc, 2 litre 16 valve and 2.8 litre VR6 petrol engines, and the 1896cc turbo diesel Umwelt engine. The Umwelt used a turbo, but fueling little more than a non-turbo to produce a mid power, low emissions, diesel engine; it was also the first in the world with two way catalytic converter, these engines can have the fueling increased to increase power to similar levels of other manufacturers 1.9 turbo diesel engines. The B3 was also available as a four wheel drive synchro model, with the G60 1.8 supercharged, or the 2.0 16 valve engine depending upon the market.



1994 to 1996 Passat B4. At first site a face-lifted B3. However every single body panel is changed, and VW claim a stronger, safer body shell. The obvious difference is the deletion of the groove down the sides, and the addition of a grill. The cars are mechanically similar though, except for the addition of the 1896cc TDI engine, as also found in the Golf and Audi 80. The TDI becomes the connoisseurs choice, at least in Europe, with its mix of fantastic economy and performance. The old IDI Umwelt turbo diesel was also still available as a cheaper option oil burner, along with petrol 1.8 litre, 2.0 litre 8 valve, 2.0 litre 16 valve and 2.8 VR6 (depending on the market).

This is how the saloon (sedan) looks:-


Somehow I prefer the estate (wagon), I think that it has cleaner lines.

Some more stolen pictures:-



1997 to ? Passat B5, nice, but new. Read about it somewhere else! I'll document it when you've all forgotten it, and then it'll be interesting.

The End